Finding Low Cost Conservatories

low cost conservartory

Pricing a new conservatory

Getting a low cost conservatory is not that difficult, as long as you are already prepared for the general expense that comes along with doing so.

Finding Low Cost ConservatoriesIt must be said, however, that if you are thinking of just spending a few hundred pounds on a new conservatory, then you are more likely to get a DIY greenhouse than a room you can comfortably live in.

Most low cost conservatories will cost a few thousand pounds. Professionally fitted  basic Conservatory rooms at 2500 mm x 2500 mm  size, will come in at starting prices of £2500 and upwards.

Really speaking, anything smaller than a 3 x 3 conservatory (meters) will be cramped and difficult to really enjoy with a family.

But, if you are on a budget, maybe you can try to get an ex-display model from a conservatory installer showroom.

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?

How much would an average size orangery cost?

How Much Does an Orangery Cost?Well first of all if it’s going to have more than 30 square meters of floor area then you could be looking at needing planning permission to build it and that is going to add something to the Orangery Cost.

In terms of size, once you are over the 30 square meter limit, you can have any size orangery that your space will accommodate.

It’s no good knowing what the average size conservatory is if you don’t have room to build one that size.

Having said that an average size would probably be over 3000mm x 4000mm

Average orangery size is going to be larger than that of the average conservatory because in general, they are more substantial constructions, more like a traditional home extension than a conservatory.

And with that substantial nature comes a substantial price range. Most mid size orangeries will start from around £20,000 and then get up to even £100,000 for a “mega-orangery”

Get your cheque book ready!