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Sheila E"Icon"
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Sheila E"Icon"

"Icon", the new album by Sheila E. Available November 5

written by BedIScream

The site Funk U magazine announced the upcoming release of the next album Sheila E: Icon.
Sheila E. signed with the German label Moosicus Records this summer. The label has already released the latest albums of The Larry Graham & Graham Central Station "Raise Up" and the Maceo Parker "Soul Classics" in September 2012.
She will be touring with Larry Graham in Germany this fall. The site Moosicus announces release in late October 2013 (* G Funk announced November 5).

The "album (finalized this summer) should contain the following headings:
- "Mona Lisa"
- "Nasty Thang"
- "Girl Like Me"
- "Old Skool"
- "Leader of the Band."
- "Rockstar"
- "I'll Give You That"
- "Lovely Day"

Rapper MC Lyte appears on "Nasty Thang."
"Girl Like Me" is a duet with Ledisi. This song was originally planned for the album group COED (Chronicles of Every Diva).

COED consisted of Sheila, Cassandra O'Neal, Rhonda Smith and Kat Dyson. Only one tour (with a stint in France in 2007) and a song "Waters Of Life" were materialized. The album has never emerged. Ledisi also appears on the "song Is not Gonna Miss When U're Gone "Prince released in June.

"Old Skool" marks the reunion between Sheila and saxophonist Eddie Minnifield, better known by the name of Eddie M. It appears on almost all his solo albums since 1985.

Still in the series of reunion, "Leader of the Band" is known by a small princely time fans. Prince plays the song was included in the EP Sheila E."From E 2U". This CD was sold five titles at two concerts in San Francisco in 2010, but was never marketed to a larger scale. Other tracks of this EP was "Mona Lisa" (designed to be installed in "Icon"), "Waters Of Life" (see above), "Glorious Train" (released as a single after Sheila's participation in the contest " Gone Country "in 2009), and" Trust Me "(from his album" Heaven "in 2001).

It is assumed that Prince plays the piano on the version that you can find on the net (Pete Escovedo called "Let Prince play piano" on the intro, and his voice is recognizable in the chorus). Regarding his participation in the writing of the song, there is no confirmation "official." The DVD Sheila E. " Summer Tour 2012 "which immortalizes his tour last year contains this title. This is credited to Sheila E. only. Oddly, the title compounds in the shade at the time by Prince for Sheila E. shall be credited or co-credited ("Koo Koo" attributed to P.Nelson, "The Glamorous Life" attributed to Sheila and P.Nelson), others not ("Holly Rock" and "Belle Of St. Mark"). "Leader Of The Band" was intended to be included on the album The E. Family: " Now & Forever "released in 2011. The relationship between Prince and Sheila being degraded since we do not know if the contribution of Prince on "Leader Of The Band" will be preserved.

In an interview with HuffPost , Sheila confided that she wanted Chaka Khan is on his album.
It would not be surprising that there is a tribute or a nod to George Duke (pure speculation), with whom she has worked for 70 years, until the album The E-Family on which it appears (as "The Other Half Of Me").

"Icon", the seventh album by Sheila E.

Sheila E. had a career before and after Prince. Despite the multitude of artists with whom she worked, she discovered talent, participation in various TV programs, projects, tours (with Ringo Starr among others) and films (cult "Krush Groove" on mythical beginnings of rap label Def Jam with LL Cool J, Run DMC and many others, "Ford Fairlane" in which Morris Day also makes an appearance), its image will always be associated with the Prince of the quality of their work common (albums, tours and individual songs) and exposure gained at this time.

Although his first recordings traces back to 1976 and she released a duet album with his father in 1978, Sheila E. has released six solo albums that since 1984. The first ("The Glamorous Life") and the next two ("Romance 1600" in 1985, and a self-titled in 1987) were made with Prince. If it has participated in almost all of the design of the first two albums (which will reach honorable places in the R & B charts), he writes and plays on five tracks (half) on the third. A Raphael Wiggins, a member of Sheila, participates in this album and become famous a few years later as a member of Tony Toni Tone and solo under the name Raphael Saadiq (also present on "Now & Forever"). The first single from Sheila not composed by Prince "Hold Me" in 1987 (written with Eddie M. and Constance Guzmansera) will, with "The Glamorous Life" and "A Love Bizarre", his biggest success in the R & B charts ( 3rd place).

A fourth album with the kid was planned in 1989 with the title "Scarlet Pussy" and "Girl Power" and others, but Sheila decides to fly on his own.She released the album "Sex Cymbal" in 1990, co-produced with his brother Peter Michael and which we find Brownmark, Eddie M., Boni Boyer and Rosie Gaines. The album did not reach the top 50, R & B, but the title track will be a success. It suspends his career for a time due to health problems. She then participated in many albums as a musician (Billy Cobham albums, Babyface, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins ....) and TV shows and released an album in 2000 ("Writes of Passage") with his new band The E-Train consists of his brother Peter Michael, Eric Leeds, Renato Nato Obedio Ray and Marc Van Wageningen. This album will go unnoticed, like "Heaven", released in 2001, again with the E-Train, but Eric Leeds.

"Icon" will be his seventh solo album. It should be followed by his autobiography "Bread And Purpose"

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Re: Sheila E"Icon"
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"

looks interesting cant wait to hear it when it comes out in the United States
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"

Fabled percussionist, brilliantly versatile musician, hitmaker of "The Glamorous Life," "A Love Bizarre" and more, in-demand session player, member of an extraordinary musical dynasty, Prince collaborator and confidante no wonder Sheila E's long-awaited new album is called "Icon."

Fizzing with all of Sheila E's sensuous dynamism and excitement, "Icon" is her first full album release since 2001's "Heaven." What began under the guidance and inspiration of her father, Pete Escovedo, uncle Alejandro Escovedo and her late and legendary godfather Tito Puente is ready to blossom again, with an album that's nothing short of a celebration of Sheila's amazing talents.
The album features the infectious "Leader Of The Band," which has guest appearances by her father Pete and brothers Juan and Peter Michael Escovedo, and by Prince, with whom she wrote the song. It's the latest evidence of her long-standing relationship with the enigmatic superstar: Sheila E not only performed on numerous Prince albums including the celebrated "Sign O' The Times" but was his percussionist and musical director on the famous Lovesexy tour.

"Icon" abundantly demonstrates Sheila's awesome abilities and underlines why she has been such a presence since her dramatic emergence as a solo star nearly 30 years ago.
The new album is reminiscent of the percussive and vocal brilliance of her early hits such as 1984's US top ten "The Glamorous Life," the UK top 20 "The Belle of St. Mark," "A Love Bizarre" (featuring Prince on backing vocals) and the US R&B top three single "Hold Me."

"Icon" is bursting with effusive drum solos and remarkable percussion throughout, on tracks like "Butterfly" and "Mona Lisa," while "Lovely Day" and "I'll Give You That" remind fans new and old of Sheila's prowess as both a vocalist and a storyteller. The glamorous life is back and with her killer heels, red-hot percussion and irresistible songs, Sheila E is the one to take us there.
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"

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Re: Sheila E"Icon"
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Re: Sheila E"Icon"

Sheila E. & B. Slade Throw A ‘Fiesta’

B. Slade has certainly been putting in work behind the scenes with a host of legendary artists, and it looks like this is the year he will reap the harvest. As Sheila E. unleashes her brand new album, which is appropriately titled Icon, she has whipped out a fiery new single produced and featuring the San Diego powerhouse. “Fiesta” finds the duo turning a party out with the perfect blend of funk, hip-hop and Latin influences. “Can’t nobody rock a party like Sheila E./Party people get your hands up in the building,” B. Slade warns, before wailing over Sheila’s signature drum break. Word has it that these two have been trekking through California shooting a video for this jam, and we’ll be catching a glimpse of it pretty soon. Along with this funky collaboration, Sheila’s new album also includes guest appearances from Ledisi, MC Lyte and the mighty purple one himself, Prince. Sheila E.’s incredible new album Icon is now available via iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. As for B. Slade, we have yet to hear the last of him as his projects with Faith Evans, Chaka Khan and Shanice are all on the way.

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