What are Lean to Conservatories and how much do they cost?

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Choosing a New Gas Boiler Replacement
November 13, 2018

Lean to Conservatories styling & prices

Lean to Conservatories have long been considered to be one of the more basic or simple design of conservatory. You can still find many examples of this around the UK.

However, should you want to go a little more “up-market”, some of the contemporary designs of lean to conservatories are quite stunning.

Lean to Conservatories and how much do they costThe basic lean-to conservatory has a square or rectangular shape with just a 1-sided sloping roof. The uncomplicated nature of the roof  helps a lot to keep the overall cost of lean to conservatories down.

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A typical cheap lean-to conservatory will have a set of French Patio doors and be in the size range of around 3m x 3m.

For bespoke versions of the lean-to, you can rotate the roof angle, so that it goes left to right, right to left, or even front to back.

If you have the room (width) then fitting a set of bifold doors to 2 adjacent sides of the conservatory can give a spectacular “floating roof” effect when the doors are fully opened.